Value is created when a problem is solved

To create more value for yourself, you must first create value for your customer by reducing pain or increasing delight, cultivating positive feelings towards your brand or destination. However, you’re in a highly competitive market, so value creation alone won’t help you win. Your value offer must be unique enough that tourists see your brand or destination as the obvious choice. The harder it is to find an alternative, the greater your competitive advantage. Once you have an impactful offer in place, you must ensure that people can perceive your value and feel compelled to learn more. Even with the greatest offer in the world, it won’t matter unless you can get people’s attention first.

How I help

My services are designed to lead you through the process of creating unique value, communicating it effectively, and delivering it in an engaging way. I help you remove pain and increase delight relative to your customer’s perception of value, and communicate your ability to satisfy their needs through strategically designed brand touchpoints.

Value Reveal | £135

Maximise customer satisfaction by uncovering missed opportunities for value creation in this 90-minute workshop.

Value Accelerator | £3000

Craft your unique value offer and gain long-term competitive advantage with my easy-to-implement strategy framework.

Identity Design

Attract the right customers easily with a unique identity that instantly communicates what kind of brand you are for a strong first impression.

Brand Experience Design

Increase sales and cultivate brand loyalty with strategically designed touchpoints that make every interaction with your brand a delight.


Working with Michelle on the development of our strategy has been a fantastic experience! Michelle listened, questioned and expertly guided us through the process and the end result speaks for itself! We love it!

Jocelyne Underwood, GM Chamber of Commerce

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