When the customer wins, you win.

Long-term profit and impact are achieved by maintaining alignment between your brand and customers over a long period of time, but this won’t happen by chance. Your brand is built from many different building blocks, and each one must be crafted to align with your customer’s perception of value. If even a single block is out of alignment, it will weaken the whole brand. 

I refer to this state of alignment as ‘brand-customer fit’ – your ability to satisfy the customer better than anyone else across all dimensions. To do this, you must determine what they value, exceed the value offered by your competition, communicate your value effectively, and continually deliver on it through an appropriate product or service.

How I help

I offer three core services designed to increase your profit and impact by optimising brand-customer fit. I help you remove pain and increase delight relative to your customer’s perception of value, and communicate your ability to satisfy their needs through strategically designed brand touchpoints.


Create superior value and build a sustainable competitive advantage with insight-driven choices that align with your ambitions.

Identity Design

Attract the right customers easily with a unique identity that instantly communicates what kind of brand you are for a strong first impression.

Brand Experience Design

Increase sales and cultivate brand loyalty with strategically designed touchpoints that make every interaction with your brand a delight.


Working with Michelle on the development of our strategy has been a fantastic experience! Michelle listened, questioned and expertly guided us through the process and the end result speaks for itself! We love it!

Jocelyne Underwood

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