Identity Design

In a matter of seconds, an effective identity design can indicate which category you belong to, your level of quality, personality, positioning, and even your heritage. Prospective customers use this information to make an important decision: learn more about your brand, or move along.

The pre-conceived meanings we associate with certain colours, images, textures, fonts, styles, and lexical choices enable identity design to communicate with prospective customers instantaneously. The challenge is that these associations vary between different demographics, and a poorly designed identity can send the wrong message.

For Japanese brands, culture has the greatest impact on these associations, making cultural awareness essential. An identity designed for a Japanese audience may not be well-received by an international audience, and vice versa. Whether your brand serves one or both of these audiences, your identity should attract the right customers and leave a positive first impression.


Michelle created a family of design concepts for our group, and our ambitious programme of activities, which feels inclusive, exciting, attractive and has already helped Stalybridge win the Greater Manchester Town of Culture 2022 accolade. Her intuition and integrity has been instrumental to our work.

Claire Tymon, LOCAL

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