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Hi, I’m Michelle. I help brands and destinations to attract inbound & domestic tourists in Japan.

Uncover your unique value, gain competitive advantage, and craft a compelling brand.

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Increase your profit and impact by tackling high value problems that others believe are ‘too big’ to solve.

Craft a competitive advantage that gives you greater authority in your market, even if you lack scale.

Design quality brand experiences that will delight tourists and turn them into loyal fans of your brand.

Make more effective decisions with a value-driven strategy that can adapt in the face of unforeseen changes.

Create or update your heritage brand to appeal to modern consumers without sacrificing authenticity.

Craft a Japanese-style identity design that’s culturally aware and free of stereotypical imagery.

Bringing Japanese craftsmanship to Yorkshire

Keep kids entertained on their journey across Japan

Latest insights

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Planning a tour in Japan can be stressful. Your customers don’t know where to start, what’s value for money, how much a tour will cost, or which tour operator to choose. You could maximise customer satisfaction by solving each of these problems for them, but most tour operators...
A Strategy for Promoting Japan's National Parks
Parks & Japan aims to promote Japan’s 34 national parks as a network of equally exciting destinations whilst supporting conservation efforts and local communities. The project is currently overseeing the development of two brands designed to build interest in the parks...
How to Increase Your Impact in Japan’s Tourism Industry
How can one company, or even one person, make a difference in Japan’s trillion-yen tourism industry? Spanning multiple behemoth sectors with challenges on local, national, and even global scales, making a significant positive impact seems like an impossible task. I believe...

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