Brand Experience Design

Brand experience design is essential for achieving brand-customer fit. People form beliefs about your brand based on their experience with it, and these beliefs ultimately shape their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. In other words, your brand experience could be the reason someone does or doesn’t buy from you. You could offer the greatest value in the world, but if you fail to engage people, they’ll never know it’s there.

An effective brand experience is polarising. It’s clear who it’s for and who it isn’t for, meaning you’re less likely to attract people who aren’t a good fit. The other advantage is that it gets people talking. When you build a powerful brand experience, your marketing won’t have to work so hard.

What is a brand experience?

A brand experience is the experience people have when they interact with your brand touchpoints. Their experiences at each touchpoint compound, and shape their perception of your brand as a whole.

What are brand touchpoints?

A touchpoint is any asset associated with your brand that people can interact with, such as products, websites, business cards, emails, and staff. Every touchpoint communicates on behalf of your brand, helping both prospective and existing customers to decide if you’re the right fit for them.

What is brand experience design?

Brand experience design involves designing each touchpoint to resonate with the right customers and create a positive experience. Your strategy will be translated into your identity design, and your identity will be applied to your touchpoints. This ensures that what your brand communicates aligns with what you set out to achieve in the first place.


Michelle created a family of design concepts for our group, and our ambitious programme of activities, which feels inclusive, exciting, attractive and has already helped Stalybridge win the Greater Manchester Town of Culture 2022 accolade. Her intuition and integrity has been instrumental to our work.

Claire Tymon, LOCAL

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