Value Accelerator | £3000

The more value you give, the more you get back – it’s that simple. If giving value is fundamental to your success, it’s only logical that it underpins your strategy.

Strategy answers 3 questions:

  • What unique value will you deliver?
  • Why does it make sense to deliver this value?
  • How will you deliver your unique value to customers?

Following a series of workshops and market research, you’ll have a laser-focused direction, insights that justify your choice, and feel certain about what actions you must take to deliver on your strategy. Furthermore, you’ll gain competitive advantage by crafting a unique value offer that differentiates you from other brands in your category. More value is great, but unique value allows you to dominate a space in the market without the worry of being overtaken.

An effective value-driven strategy will rarely change on a core level. If you choose a good direction today, you can continue to deliver the same value for decades, only updating how you deliver and market that value to remain in alignment with market conditions.


My long rants and disorganised thoughts were articulated in a more digestible and straightforward way, and looking at all these different aspects in the strategy process made it feel less overwhelming.

Deanna J. Wright, Japanese for Anyone

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